Transfer contact from one mobile to another

There is a common problem when you buy a new mobile is copy all (i.e 50 or 100 more) contacts from old mobile to new mobile. This post show you how to do it very easy manner.

How to transfer Contact:

This process is depends on your mobile suuport. There are four options, i will discuss most popualr mobile platform like Android, iPhone, Blackberry etc.

  1. SIM based transfer (From the SIM card)

  2. Bluetooth based transfer

  3. Transfer via computer (Cable based)

  4. Transfer via Memory card (SD card)

SIM based transfer:

If your number of contacts from the old phone memory in very small and only the contact or your not having any email or any other special contacts you can use SIM based transfer.

Just copy the contact from old mobile phone to your SIM card. Insert your SIM card into your new mobile phone and import all contact your phone memory.

For copy simply Goto :

Names > Chose Contacts > Options > Copy > From Phone to SIM card

To paste your contacts simply press the following options.

Contacts > Press Menu > Display Options and Mark the Phone and SIM or SIM Memory

Bluetooth Based Transfer:

If your ole phone having Bluetooth fecility this is the simplest method. Simply Goto

Contacts > Options > Mark / Cancel > Mark All > press Menu > Send Business Card > Via Blurtooth

and finaly choose your new phone and Go! The above method is only for Android based phones, Other plateforme may having different menu options.

Transfer via Computer:

For this step you need a PC and Cables. Here i’m using Nokia PC Suite for transfer contacts.

First install Nokia PC suite om your computer. And connect your old Nokia phone to your computer with help of USB cables. Please wait untill your computer recognize your device, And follw the below instructions.

  • Go to Tools tab and click on the icon of Nokia PC Suite.

  • Export the contacts in VCF format.

  • Copy them in SD card.

  • Now your Andriod phone Go to the Dialer > Contact > Menu > More > Import / Export From SD card and Press OK.

Transfer via Memory card:

It is similar to previous method. But here no need of computers and cables. Simply follow the below steps

Setting > Synch And Backup > Create BackUp

The backup is stored in to your SD card. Import into android mobile as given above.

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