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How To Make Blogger Blog HTTPS (SSL) Enabled For free

Yes! You read it right. Now you can use HTTPS (SSL) in your blogger blog without paying anything. Google started HTTPs support for its Blogger platform but now Google only support non custom domain blogs means if your blog using .blogspot domain name then you can use this service right now without any money.HTTPs stands

Google Will Pay You $7.50 For Referring Google Apps To Businesses

Mobile apps ecosystem has grown in the past couple of years to become lucrative business for app developers and platform owners. Such has been the craze for applications these days, that you have educational courses based on coding and app development especially for Android. People centered around the business have made a lot of money

YouTube Videos Will Soon Be Available Offline In India

Google has just launched Android One in India, which is a program designed to bring smartphones to the remaining five billion people that don’t have one yet. Google used this opportunity to announce another new thing for users in India, the ability to view most YouTube videos offline. This feature will be rolled out in

5 million Gmail passwords published, but don’t panic

You might need to change your email password in the very near future. A member at a Russian Bitcoin forum has posted almost 5 million Gmail passwords, around 60 percent of which are reportedly still working. It’s not clear how the poster managed to scoop up all this account info, but Google tells Cnews that it

Google testing new UI for Gmail on desktops

Google reportedly testing its new Gmail user interface, looks less cluttered and has more features. Google is reportedly testing a new revamped update of its Gmail UI for desktop and has started sending out invites to some users to check the new features on the UI. The new UI has been designed to bring a