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PHP Developers, Take Note: Zend Server 8 Arrives On The Amazon Cloud

Zend Technologies today is announcing the arrival of the latest version of the Zend Server application platform on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. That should come as good news to developers who work in PHP and prefer to run their applications on the biggest public cloud around. Zend Server 8 is a PHP application

Enable root user password login on Amazon AWS EC2 Ubuntu

Even though it’s not recommended, sometimes it’s easier to just log in as root. Here’s how to enable the root user login on your Ubuntu based EC2 instance: Create a password for the root user: [crayon-5a313bbef02df315202936/] Edit your SSHd config to allow password based login: [crayon-5a313bbef02f0456303798/] Add the following line to /etc/ssh/sshd_config: [crayon-5a313bbef02f6993633957/] Copy your

List of Amazon Web Service (AWS) Products

What is Amazon Web Service? Amazon Web Service (AWS) is a Web based collection of services for Cloud Computing Plateform. These services are owned by the internet company   There are 14 AWS products which are mainly used. Listed below are some of them, Amazon EC2 Amazon S3 Amazon RDS Amazon CloudWatch AWS Data pipeline

How To Set Up Owncloud Storage Server On Amazon Ec2

What is ownCloud? OwnCloud is a free and open-source web application for data synchronization, file sharing, and remote storage of documents. ownCloud is written in the PHP and JavaScript scripting languages.     Using OwnCloud you can set up own cloud storage like dropbox , box , skydrive etc. Using owncloud you can upload images, audio files,