TapShoot – A Smart Windows Smartphone App

TapShoot is a windows camera App . It is  Near field communication (NFC) enabled remote unique camera app for Windows smartphone which uses the short range wireless RFID  (Radio Frequency Identify ) technology.

TapShoot – A Smart App for Windows Smartphone

Why TapShoot?

Have you ever been omitted from a group photo because of your good photography skills?

Or have you ever desired a photo of yourself but there was no one around to get it for you?


How to Use TapShoot?

TapShoot requires two Smartphone Phone devices to help you to take a picture. One device acts as the “Viewfinder/Shutter” while the other device acts as the “Camera”. The TapShoot app must be installed on both devices, before doing any operation.

Once you have finished installing TapShoot app on both the devices all you need to do is to tap the two phones together to start the process and remotely take a photo. After that the phone that had the app opened first acts as the Camera while the second one acts as Viewfinder.

Just put down the “Camera” phone and move to your favourite spot. The “Camera” phone will stream a video to the “Viewer/shutter” phone so that you can see exactly whether you and your group members are all in the frame of the picture or not. From the Viewer phone you can then take a photo instantly, or with a 3 seconds delay.

The photo is saved on the “Camera” phone on which you can do some image filtering and styling so as to make your shot more attractive. The uses of this app are only limited by your creativity. It is a wonderful way to make sure that you don’t get miss out in any shot even if nobody is around to hold your phone for you.

Note: Please make check out the following:-

  • Make sure that both phones have latest OS installed.

  • Make sure that both Bluetooth and NFC is enabled which you can do in Settings.

  • Disable the Wi-Fi while using this app.

  • The video stream should be completely in real-time. If there is any lag in the video streaming restart the app.


Just Grab it from Windows Phone Store and relish the amazing experience of photography.


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