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How to Delete the Useless Photos in your WhatsApp Automatically

         WhatsApp is awesome. It takes up lot of your time, but then it entertains you with groups of friends discussing stuffs, sharing pictures and videos all the time. It is good for messaging but is it good for the smartphone for long run? If you’re an active user with loads of

How to Save WhatsApp Conversations on Computer

Whatsapp is probably the most used messenger app to communicate across the mobile platform including Windows Phone, Android, Blackberry and iOS. Its also available globally so that you can send messages global for free of cost. If you are reading this, you probably already use Whatsapp. If  you don’t have WhatsApp go through the how

How To Use Two WhatsApp Accounts In One Android Smartphone

Hey, readers! As we all know WhatsApp is one of the most popular messenger app that also lets you share pictures, videos, music and so on. By now everyone of us have WhatsApp in our smartphone. World getting smart, so are we. Now a days we are generally use Dual-SIM mobile phones – One for

Top Android Apps To Free up your Device Space

Android phones and Tablets can fill up quickly as you download and install apps, fill them with media files and catch data for offline use. At some point of time all of us who are using android smart phone may have come cross situation where we start lagging behind storage space, I did not understand

Android Heating Issues: Causes and How to Avoid

We are becoming more and more dependent on our smartphones and tablets, as they seem to become an universal device that you can use to access the information that is so important nowadays. This isn’t a bad thing, but when you depend so much on a single piece, you have to be responsible with it,