How To Set Up Owncloud Storage Server On Amazon Ec2

What is ownCloud?

OwnCloud is a free and open-source web application for data synchronization, file sharing, and remote storage of documents. ownCloud is written in the PHP and JavaScript scripting languages.

    Using OwnCloud you can set up own cloud storage like dropbox , box , skydrive etc. Using owncloud you can upload images, audio files, video files and you can sync it with various devices. It is pretty easy to install and manage. You can also create users defining a particular storage limit. Here am going to explain how to install and configure owncloud on amazon EC2 servers.

Installing Owncloud On EC2 Ubuntu Instance:

Launch an Ubuntu instance on amazon ec2. If you are new to EC2 ,then  you can check out the following link for creating an Ubuntu instance on amazon ec2. How to launch an ubuntu instance on amazon ec2.

Step 2: Connect the instance using putty.

Step 3: Change the user mode to root using the following command.It allows you to install all the packages with root permission.

Step 4: Update the server using the following command

Step 5: Install and configure LAMP server using the following

Step 6: Execute the following commands.

 Step 7:Update the packages using apt-get update command

Step 8:Install owncloud using the following command.

Step 9: Execute the following commands to change the permissions for owncloud.

Step 10: Go to sites-enabled folder and edit the 000-default file. Under directory option change “Allowoverride none” to “Allowoverride All”. Use nano or vi editor to edit the 000-default file and save the file.


 Step 11:Execute the following commands and restart the server.

 Step 12: Now copy the public dns of your instance and paste it in the browser followed by /owncloud and load the webpage.

Step 13:You will see a admin page to enter the user name and password. Enter a new username and password and click create account. It will take you to the owncloud dashboard. There you can manage the groups, users and the admin files.


Installing Owncloud On Windows Instance:

Step 1:
 Launch a windows instance

Step 2:
 connect the instance using remote desktop.

Step 3:
 Download and install Wamp server

Step 4:
 Download the owcloud zip package form owncloud website. Download it here

Step 5: 
Extract the file to www folder of wamp and rename the folder to owncloud.

Step 6:
 Configure owncloud by running it on localhost using the following url

Step 7: You can  access owncloud from anywhere using the public dns of  your windows instance. Make sure that you have added HTTP to the security group for your instance .

Manikandan is Founder and author of codenread. Tech Blogger by Passion | Computer Science Engineer by Qualification