How to Save WhatsApp Conversations on Computer

Save WhatsApp Conversations

Whatsapp is probably the most used messenger app to communicate across the mobile platform including Windows Phone, Android, Blackberry and iOS. Its also available globally so that you can send messages global for free of cost.

If you are reading this, you probably already use Whatsapp. If  you don’t have WhatsApp go through the how to install Two WhatsApp account  in one android smaprtphone.  If you hanged on Whatsapp for long time, you must have many conversations in your phone.  Commonly, most of us won’t let them go easily if some chat messages are important to some information. 

However, Whatsapp messages data is very easy to lose, even you have enabled the auto backup or done backup manually.  Indeed, you can save Whatsapp conversation to another safe place, for example, your computer that have much storage space and safer protection. Do you know that all your Whatsapp chats are saved in an encrypted form on your device? So you have lost your WhatsApp data somehow, you can restore WhatsApp data from its backup file.

How to save WhatsApp conversations to computer?

     Saving WhatsApp conversation messages to your computer      is easier than you expected.  Generally you have two main method to save WhatsApp messages to PC.

Method 1:

What come first is official way provided by WhatsApp.

We have two official ways to save messages to PC. One is exporting backup files, that work on Android OS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, except iPhone which use iCloud. Firstly, Go to WhatsApp > Menu Button > Settings > Chat Settings, then you can see the “Backup Conversation”, here you can backup your WhatsApp conversations to memory card as a files. Finally, copy the unreadable file to computer.

Another way is E-mail, you can mail your WhatsApp messages with media attachments to your mail-box as a txt and media formats. You just tap and hold on the conversations you want to backup, than you can see the “E-mail conversation”.

Method 2:

Following the procedure given in this article, you would be able to save WhatsApp Conversation on Computer along with Attachments, Smileys. Also, they can be viewed in tabular format according to contact names like you see in phone.

Though, I have demonstrated and made tutorial considering Windows Computer and Android Phone, you can do it Linux or Mac too even with iPhone.

Things you need:

  1. Rooted Android Smartphone
  2. ActivePython installed on Windows Computer. Download here for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  3. Whatsapp Xtract tool

Follow the procedure only when you have downloaded and installed above things.

  • Open File Manager on Android Phone and navigate to <your WhatsApp storage path>/Database/
  • Copy “msgstore.db.crypt8” to SD card so that  you can later transfer them to your computer.

save whatsapp conversation


  • Extract WhatsApp Xtract Tool archive to any folder on your Computer.
  • Run as Administratore “!install pyCrypto.bat” file from this archive directory.
  • Copy msgstore.db  file to this directory, When asked to overwrite, replace existing files.
  •  Open “whatsapp_xtract_android” which will generate HTML file from database.
  • Open this newly made file in any web browser to see WhatsApp conversations.

For iPhone, procedure remains same but only difference is in database file location. On iPhone, get this file:

You can use an iPhone Backup Tool to get the file, e.g. I-Twin or Iphone Backup Extractor. Make sure to create an unencrypted backup with Itunes, as these tools can’t handle encrypted backups

Do you really need to save Whatsapp conversations on Computer this way? I would prefer using ‘Email Conversation’ feature of  Whatsapp which is easy and straightforward.

Manikandan is Founder and author of codenread. Tech Blogger by Passion | Computer Science Engineer by Qualification