Microsoft (Hotmail) on a custom Domain

The young domain owners main problem is mail address with their own domain. Most of the mail service provides thees service with monthly payment based per user. Eg . Google Apps , Yahoo custom mail. But very few service provider provide this server with free of cost. Eg . zoho mail , outlook. I suggest is the best option to setup your custom domain email.

This provides 50 free accounts with all outlook features like file storage , calendar etc, take look at this post, follow the steps and setup your own mail account in

Step 1:

  • Go to and sign in your existing account or create a new account.

  • And click Add Domain Button.

  • Take a look at below image for reference.

Step 2:


  • Add your domain name into the text field.

  • Select Set Up for my domain

  • Click Continue.

Step 3:


  • Enter Chapcha veryfication code.

  • Accept the agreement.

Step 4:

mx record

  • Copy the MX (mail Exchanger) details.

  • Configure it into your domain control panel as shows Step 5.

Step 5:


  • Login to your domain control panel.

  • Go to the domain DNS setting and add MX points to outlook server.

  • You can add MX records following way and save your settings.

Step 6:


  • Copy the DNS TXT record.

  • Add the TXT record into DNS setting page and save it.

  • You can add TXT record following way.


Step 7:


  • Copy the SRV (Service Record) or Messanger configuration details.

  • Add the SRV record into the SRV section.

  • Example of the adding SRV is given below with the sample data.


Step 8:

  • Once it’s all are finished click REFRESH button on top of the page.

  • Once your DNS setting are ready, it shown status is Active.


  • Next you have to add custom URL like

  • Click Custom Address menu and Select Mail in select box and click Add button.

  • You can choose your custom URL here.

  • Go back to your DNS setting page configure CNAME record as shown below.



Step 9:

  • This is the final step, Here you have to create user accounts.

  • Go to Member Account page and Click Add button to create members.





  • Enter the account details and press OK.

  • The example is shown in below.

  • Like wise you can create up to 50 free accounts.



Step 10:

login user

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