List of Amazon Web Service (AWS) Products

What is Amazon Web Service?

Amazon Web Service (AWS) is a Web based collection of services for Cloud Computing Plateform. These services are owned by the internet company


There are 14 AWS products which are mainly used. Listed below are some of them,

  • Amazon EC2

  • Amazon S3

  • Amazon RDS

  • Amazon CloudWatch

  • AWS Data pipeline

  • Amazon DynamoDB

  • Amazon EBS

  • Amazon ELB

  • Amazon ElastiCatch

  • Amazon SNS

  • Amazon Elestic Transcoder

  • Amazon SQS

  • Amazon SWF

  • AWS MarketPlace

The detailed description of above mentioned services are listed below,

Amazon EC2:

  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a web service that provides re sizable compute capacity in the cloud. And it provides the complete control of your computing resource.

  • Amazon EC2 gives you to reduce the time of boot for a new server instance.

Highlights of Amazon EC2:

  • Elastic Computing

  • Secure

  • Flexible

Features of Amazon EC2:

Amazon EC2 Provides a number of features. Very few are listed below,

  • Multiple Locations

  • Elastic IP Address

  • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

  • Auto Scaling

  • Load Balancing

Amazon S3:

  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) provides simple web service interface that can be used to store a any amount of data from anywhere on web.

  • S3 gives reliable,secure,fast storage service.

  • The user can perform Read,Write and Delete action in S3.

  • Each object or Files are stored in a Bucket and every bucket should be Unique.

  • Each Files are retrieved via unique access key.

  • We can store 1 byte to 5TB in a single object.

  • We can set Unique Access permission for different users.

Amazon RDS:

  • Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) provides easy to set up and operate Relational Database in Cloud.

  • It provides scalable or Resizable Relational Database Service.

  • Amazon RDS supports Oracle,Mysql,Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL Engines. Fad

  • Online Transaction Processing (OTLP) is used by Amazon RDS.

Highlights Amazon RDS:

  • Scalable Database

  • Reliable

  • Secure

  • Compatible

  • Inexpensive

Features of Amazon RDS:

  • Monitoring and Metrics

  • Automated Backup

  • Database Snapshots

  • Database Event Notification

  • Multi Available Zone.

Amazon CloudWatch:

  • Amazon CloudWatch is a web service that enables you to monitoring Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud services in real time.

  • Using Amazon CloudWatch monitor AWS resources automatically, without installing any additional softwares.

  • Amazon CloudWatch enables you monitor AWS products like Amazon EC2 , Amazon EBS , Elastic Load Balancer and Amazon RDS.

  • Use autoscalling to add or remove Amazon EC2 instance dynamically based on Amazon CloudWatch metrics.

  • Set automated alarm based on Amazon CloudWatch.

AWS Data Pipeline:

  • AWS Data Pipeline is used to move data between different AWS compute and storage service.

  • It is used to create complex data processing workloads that are fault tolerant , repeatable.

  • We can manage inter-tack dependencies.

Highlights of AWS Data pipeline:

  • Job Scheduling and execution

  • Tracking dependencies between your business logic , datasources.

  • Sending any failure notification.

  • Reliable,Simple,Scalable and Transparent.

Amazon DynamoDB:

DynamoDB is a fast and fully managed NOSQL Database service.It simple and cost effective to store and retrieve any amount of data. All data items are stored on Solid State Drives (SSD) , replicated across 3 availability zones.

Features of DynamoDB:

  • Automated Scalling

  • Fully Distributed

  • Built-in Tolerance

  • Cost Effective

  • Secure

  • Elastic MapReduce Integration

Amazon EBS:

  • Amazon Elastic Block Store provides block level storage volumes for use with Amazon EC2 instance.

  • Amazon EBS is particularly suited for application that required databases , filesystems or access to block level storage.

Features of EBS:

  • User can create a Amazon EBS volume from 1 GB to 1 TB.

  • It placed in a availability zone, and can then be attached to EC2 instance.

  • Monitor with Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon ELB:

  • Amazon Elastic Load Balancing (Amazon ELB) is automatically distribute incoming traffic across multiple Amazon EC2 instances.

  • Amazon ELB is detects unhealthy instance with in the pool and automatically reroutes traffic to healthy.

  • It is also used in an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud.

  • You can enable Load balancing within a single availability zone to across multiple availability zones.

Features of Amazon ELB:

  • You can create Load balancer with public IP address.

  • You can configure Amazon Route 53 to perform DNS failure.

  • It supports SSL termination.

  • It supports IPv4 and IPv6.

  • Amazon CloudWatch use to manage the load balancing.

Amazon SNS:

  • A fast , flexible and fully managed push messaging service is called Amazon Simple Messaging Service (Amazon SNS).

  • It deliver the notification by SMS text messages or Email.

  • It use Amazon SQS queues od HTTP endpoint to deliver the messages.

  • To prevent message lost it store the notification in a multiple availability zones.

Features of Amazon SNS:

  • You can deliver the message one or more times.

  • Amazon SNS allow to group multiple recipient.

  • You can deliver the notification direct to the iPhone,iPad,Android and other internet connected Smart devices.

Amazon Elastic Transcoder:

  • Amazon Elastic Transcoder is used to Transcode Media File on cloud.

  • You can user Amazon Elastic Transcoder API to transcode media files.

  • You can Transcode media file simply creating TRANSCODING JOB specifying your source media file location and how and where you want to transcode.

Highlight of Amazon Elastic Transcoder:

  • Automatically receive status of your transcoding job.

  • Elastically Scalable.

  • Seamless Delivery.

  • There is no contract or Monthly commitments.

  • You need to pay based on the minutes you need to trans code.


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