How to Import Web Data into Google Docs

You have been using google Docs you can directly import data from web pages and you can edit into the google Docs. Using this post you can find how to import data from web pages , RSS feed and XML datas into your Google Docs SpreadSheet.

For the above task you no need to write any separate script. All you need to know couple Google functions. Which are listed below.

  • ImportHTML
  • ImportFeed
  • ImportXML

Import Web Data into Google Docs

In this post we are gonna discuss about ImportHTML. Using this Google function we can import tables and list form the external web pages into a googe spreadsheet.

Let’s start with an example.

  1. First login google docs with your google account.
  2. Open a new Spreadsheet inside google docs.
  3. Double click any shell and type or copy past the following line.
  4. Finally click Enter.


When you press enter button, Google docs will instantly import the first table form the corresponding Wiki page into your Google Docs spreadSheet.

If you change the third parameter in the above function i.e from 1 to 2 or 3 google Docs will import 2nd or 3rd table from the given URL.

Similarly you can import multiple tables into your Google Docs spreadsheet.

In addition to table , you can import list from the web page. Importing list simply change the second parameter <table> to <list>. Below example will show you how to do it.

Note: Once the table or list has been imported into the Google Docs Sheet , the table or list won’t update automatically even if source page has changed. Google imports the table and list as plain text and all the links and formating will be lost.

Video Tutorial – ImportHTML in Google Docs

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