How to Share Internet Connection from PC to Android Phone using WIFI

Are you looking for how to share internet connection from PC to android phone? Yes then you have come to the right place. WiFi Ad-Hoc networking is a very popular and easy way to share internet connection between PC and laptop and between PC and smartphone with built in WiFi.


This method works very fine with windows based smart phones and unfortunately this method does not work with Android based smart phones. But still you can use this method with your android phones by changing some configuration file settings. But this method is not convenient as you need to have root access to change the system files. But do not worry. We have some alternative method for you that you can easily use to share your laptop or PC internet connection with your phone.

This method I am going to describe is a software based method and it works well for Windows 7 and I have not tested it on XP, but it should work fine for XP also. This software I am talking about is Virtual Router (It’s a free software). You just need to install the software on your PC or laptop and rest is very easy.

Steps to Follow For Sharing Internet Connection:

STEP1: Download Virtual Router from the link.

STEP2: Install the software on your PC/Laptop

STEP3: Open Virtual Router program and fill the settings form and click start virtual router. Make sure that you have already switched on the WiFi on your system.

That’s all, you have done the configuration for PC/Laptop.

What Should be done on the Android Phone?

STEP1: On your phone go to Settings-> Wireless and networks->Wi-Fi settings.

STEP2: Enable Wi-Fi on the device

STEP3: Now phone will automatically scan for available Wi-Fi networks, if it does not scan automatically scan it manually. After scanning is completed you can see a list of available Wi-Fi networks, click on the network that you have created and give the password and click connect.

That’s all now your Android phone is connected to your Wi-Fi network. You can now access the internet on your Android phone.

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