How to setup own proxy server in a minute

So are you wondering How to setup own proxy server? Inside your company/organization/school you are unable to access your favorite sites as they have been banned by administrator. Even publicly available proxy servers are also banned by the administrators. One way to get rid of this is to set up your own proxy server. Your proxy server can be hosted 1. By a free web hosting service that supports php. 2. Your own website that is being already hosted by a hosting company. But the first one is the most convenient way for most of us but both the methods works fine.


I will just explain the way to install the proxy scripts to the web servers. Before we start you can Google for free php web hosting to get a free web hosting service. A good site that I found is that supports php.

Before we start discussing about the installation process you need to download the copy of PHPProxy and save it your local disk.

Installation Process of PHPProxy

As already you have downloaded the script now all you need to do is to upload the script to your webspace and open your proxy URL to check if it is working properly.

Login to your web hosting account and upload the zip file to your web space. Remember please do not upload this script to a directory named http or https. After uploading unzip the file and rename it to prs as some organizations block the sites based on words, so if it contains proxy it may be blocked.

After uploading you may change the config.php file to meet your requirements. You could add a .htaccess file to the directory forcing everyone who wants to start the script to enter a username and password.

Again, use google if you like to find out more information about .htaccess. Make sure that you completely read the install.en.txt file properly as the script has some requirements. Now you have successfully installed your proxy server.

To check if your site is up and running you need to visit and see how it works. You can also change the default language option in the config.php file from Chinese to English.

To check if that is really the case load a website like as the first site and check if the IP matches with the server where the script is installed and not your computers IP. If that is the case then you have successfully installed your own proxy server. Now surf anything that you want.


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