How to get Approved for BuySellAds

Approval for a publisher account in BuySellAds can be headache, if you don’t know the right way. Surely, blogging is done out of passion, but still to run a blog, we need funding and earning money from your blog is not a bad deal, provided you always provide quality articles to your readers.

What is BuySellAds?

BuySellAds is a premium ad delivering network that pays a good amount of money to its publisher. There are many big names like The Next Web, Vecteezy etc, that are a part of BuySellAds. They have a very impact making system and are one of the biggest ad agency on the internet. Most professional bloggers recommends BuySellAds as a good source of income. Some even regard BuySellAds as an Adsense alternative. Here not only can you sell ads but also buy ads, but that is not the concern of this article. We are here to Sell ads and get and approved BuySellAds.

As far as I know from my personal experience and other Buy Sell Ads review that this program is 100% legit



In order to qualified and accepted in BuySellAds you need to have a top quality website. Top quality means those website that looks great and clean, are updated regularly and has a good amount of daily traffic. BuySellAds allow you to sell ads on your website in plain english.

Requirements to get Approved for BuySellAds for a blog

  • You should have more than 100k impressions per month on website.

  • The blog should have a clean and understanding layout.

  • You website should not contain any adult content or any questionable article for that matter.

  • You should not have tons of ad already on your blog or website. This will lead to rejection of your application. Try to have low amount or no amount of ads on your page before you apply for BuySellAds.

  • Approval will not take place if your blog or website is not updated frequently.

  • Approval will also not take place if you don’t deal with the niche which BuySellAds use. For example Technology and Design are easily accepted for an account where as a real estate blog won’t make it that easily.

  • You can re apply in the future, even if you are denied in the first place.

The three most important criteria are the visitor related one, the update related one and the re-appliance one. Since BuySellAds is a premium network, you need to have a large traffic base else you are deemed to get rejected for a publisher account on BSA. To build traffic you can refer, Build Instant traffic to your blog . These tips will surely increase your traffic by 30-40% in 2 weeks time. Try to have atleast 50k pageviews, because BSA people make sure that you have the targeted amount of visitors that can help them do business.

The second criteria is to update your blog regularly. Let’s face it, the more you blog the more visitors you attract to your blog. They love new articles. A regularly updated network is fun to visit and we learn a lot every day while we visit these blogs. It builds a healthy relation between the author and readers. Not only will it allow you get approved for BuySellAds but also help you get loyal readers.

The third criteria is, if you fail, it does not guarantee that you won’t achieve success in the latter stages of blogging journey. It might have not been your day against BuySellAds, but keep working hard later or sooner you might fulfill their demands.

Also have a clean layout for your blog, have an Alexa rank less than 200k (below 100k is recommended), you can recommend to my Alexa Mantra that has made my Alexa rank a success.

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Go out and get a BuySellAds account now!

All these methods should be tried to get approved for BuySellAds publisher account. If any of you reader apply on BuySellAds, than do share your experience with us in the comment section. Any problems leave your comments below. So, go out and get yourself ready, to get approved for BuySellAds publisher account.


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