How to enable email subscription with Feedburner


Now a days RSS feed is very famous and widely used. RSS feed is one of the major medium to promote your website and get more traffic. But not all the visitors to your website are familiar with RSS feed and some visitors just does not want to mess up with the RSS feeds using RSS reader. RSS is the push delivery system. But there is a service that you can provide to your visitors that is Email subscription. Here we will discuss about the email subscription through Feedburner. Feedburner is the widely used email subscription. If you have already a feedburner feed and need help in activation email subscription features then just follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Feedburner and login with your credentials

  2. Click “My Feeds” in the upper left hand corner(If you do not find that you can see the name of your feed, click that see the below image)

  3. Select your feed from the list

  4. Click the “Publicize” tab

  5. Click “Email Subscriptions” on the left

  6. Make sure “Feedburner” is selected, and click “Activate”

  7. Copy the HTML code in the box

  8. Now login to administrator account of your website and paste the code where you want to keep the subscribe by email text box.

It is up to you where do you want to place the feedburner subscription text box. You should have the knowledge of html.

That’s all, Now your visitors can get your site updates via email.

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