How to backup android mobile and organise phone over wifi using Desktop

If you have hundreds of apps and gigabytes of multimedia content on phone, it’s not easy to manage and organize everything swiping thumbs on small touch screen. Desktop program with full control over phone’s content could come as handy solution.

Why Should I Use?

These applications let you carry out operations more than just a copy-paste of files. You can:

  • Backup and Restore your Phone in one click
  • Import / Export Contacts easily
  • Receive and Send SMS from Computer
  • *Convert Music while importing to maintain compatibility with device.
  • *All of the above over-the-air without connecting phone to USB. (using WiFi)

How they Work?

You have to install the software on Computer and similarly their app from Play store on Android device. They get configured and connected automatically on startup and you get to access mobile device content on PC.

I tested some popular Android Desktop Managers and sharing the best ones with you.

MobileGo by Wondershare


The reason I have chosen Wondershare MobileGo over others is its features, ease of usability and bug-free awesome interface.Following are its features:

  1. Over the Air – It was very easy to configure and get connected my phone to computer via WiFi. After installing MobileGo app on phone, it automatically detected computer present in WiFi network. Just tap on the name, connection is successful.
  2. Android Backup – Create complete copy of content on Android device so that you can always restore back in case of crash. Also, it can be helpful when you want to free up space on SD card by moving old camera photos to safe place.



  1. App Management – Install and Uninstall app from Computer itself.
  2. Move Apps to SD Card – If phone memory is full, apps can be moved to SD card. (Didn’t work in my test, maybe Root is required. I am unsure.)
  3. Transfer Music and Videos – Transfer music from and to your Android device, even from and to iTunes.
  4. In-built Media Converter – I tried to copy FLV file which may not be supported for playback on most devices. In such case, not just copying but MobileGo offers functionality to convert it before pasting to Android-optimized video format.



  1. Screenshot – Capture screenshot from Computer of current screen on Android device.


Other similar software programs are available but they are far away from being perfect. Following are their limitations:


  • Installs useless Widget on Desktop
  • Forces install of their own Market on Android
  • QR Code Scanning fails.
  • Wireless Connecting is buggy and difficult


  • No Support for Over the Air connection
  • Could not show anything on Games, Ringtone tab.
  • Fake Charging acceleration.
  • Installs its own Marketplace on Android


MobileGo is no doubt perfect Android Desktop Manager for Windows (and Mac too). It has features like Over-the-Air sync and Media conversion which isn’t found in other programs. Coming from the reputed developer ‘Wondershare’, you can always count on them for regular updates and support.

You can download fully functional 15 days trial and get to know how comfortable and easy it is.

P.S. Though, there are other programs available which claims to be completely free but none of them offer the level of comfortableness like MobileGo. In my tests, it was clearly seen that MobileGo doesn’t install any crapware on any device and does perfectly what it says.

*Features only work on Wondershare MobileGo.

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Manikandan is Founder and author of codenread. Tech Blogger by Passion | Computer Science Engineer by Qualification