How to Delete the Useless Photos in your WhatsApp Automatically

         WhatsApp is awesome. It takes up lot of your time, but then it entertains you with groups of friends discussing stuffs, sharing pictures and videos all the time. It is good for messaging but is it good for the smartphone for long run? If you’re an active user with loads of chats happening during the entire day, you would see your phone getting filled with the content in on time, and the device running out of storage. Because WhatsApp probably the long space hog on your mobile phones. We all have friends and relatives who actively forward us every single motivation quote and meme they received from their own network. Have you ever faced this issue, and then thought of searching for all the data that gets stored from WhatsApp.

The bigger problem with WhatsApp is that these ‘spam’ messages often originate from contacts who are close to you real life and thus blocking them would be considered rude. You have an option to mute WhatsApp groups but the images downloaded images would still take up precious space on your smart phone.

A simple solution to the problem would be that you open the Photo gallery on your android phone, or use file manager to locate the media folder of WhatsApp, and delete the entire folder containing those WhatsApp images. But since WhatsApp makes no distinction between real useless forwards, you risk deleting the good pictures too.

There is an app for android phones, which does the job of cleaning your phone and getting it rid of all the WhatsApp data. The app does nothing else than listing out everything in a categorized way to show all the data from WhatsApp. Everything from the profile picture to the backups get stored in device, at different locations and that is the reason why it becomes hard for you as a user to delete each of the file by digging inti file system.

WhatsApp cleaner app:

  • WCleaner
  • Magic Cleaner


          Just download the WCleaner app from google play store and open it, and you would see the different categories – Profile pictures, Images, Voice notes, Audio, Videos and backup.

You can delete the entire folder directly by tapping on the trash can beside the folder, or if you wish to go individually, go into the folder and you would see the entire list of items.

   Advantage of WCleaner app for android:

  • Easy to use, with direct options and no hidden settings.
  • Deletes all types of files that are related to WhatsApp.
  • Media, i.e. images, videos, are in separate folders in easy access.
  • Options to even open and preview files before deleting them.

 Disadvantage of WCleaner app:

  • There is no information about size of particular files in the folder.
  • Ads – although this is the only way developer is supported, bus ads do annoy.


WCleaner_list1 WCleaner_list2



Magic Cleaner:

          An Indian startup founded has launched an intelligent application android app that can help you get rid of all the junk photos from your WhatsApp with no effort.

Magic cleaner app, scans the media folder of your WhatsApp app and automatically deletes all the junk images including screenshots. Memes, videos and other pictures with overlay text. You are then offered an option to delete all the deleted images in one go.

According to the developers, Magic cleaner takes advantage of deep learning and neural networks to properly recognize and sort the photos in your phone. This is how it’s able to tell screenshots from memes, and WhatsApp images from telegram once.

I addition to basic clean-up functionality, Magic cleaner lets you activate the Magic Assistant functionality – every time you typr greeting in WhatsApp, Dr. Kleen will show up and suggest a photo for it. Yay, deep learning.

Magic_cleaner_1 Magic_cleaner_2         


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