Top 5 Best Email Client for Windows

Top 5 Best Email Client for Windows


Need a good email client for Windows 10? Then, pick your favorite client from this list of 5 best email client of 2016 that support Windows. Those who work with email detest it, but it is still a daily part of many of our lives – and the provisions made for email with in Windows 7 leave a lot to be desired. As someone who works online, I send and receive many emails a day and need a trusty email client that won’t break or falter.

The secret behind increased productivity is to use the available resources as efficiently as possible. Having a dedicated email client not only helps you to manage your inbox without having to fire up your browser, it also lets you effectively handle multiple email accounts and as result save a ton of your valuable time. However, a lot of people simply get confused when it comes to picking the best email client for Windows OS. While the best in this case may vary for each one’s own perspective, here’s a list of 5 free email clients that are worth checking out.

1. Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird

Created by Mozilla, the same people behind the Firefox web browser. If you want an app that provides the best email experience, customization aesthetics and powerful features, then Mozilla Thunderbird is the only choice. Thunderbird is minimalistic design, offering simple option such as “Get Mail” and “Write”. Setting up your email account was quick and easy, needing only your email address and password – no server setting here. It has better security options and more power under the hood than only of the email listed below. And What’s more interesting is its open source nature.  Thunderbird filters out junk emails effectively, as would be expected from a renounced web brand.


  • Loads of powerful and customization
  • Tabbed GUI and navigation a breeze
  • Build in news reader and chat client.
  • Multi account support.
  • Best for non-Outlook users.


  • Subsequent development of new features will soon be stopped by Mozilla.

2. eM Client

best email client

eM client is the one of the best email client for Windows which is also very popular. It supports very simple interface that makes it intuitive to use. eM client offering an interface reminiscent of Microsoft’s desktop Outlook client. All of the operations  – Delete, Write new, Replay All, and so on – are presented at the top, with the three column layout offering a clear view of your emails, inboxes and email accounts.  The application can easily handle multiple accounts, though the free version limits you to add up to three accounts only. The eM client comes with many nifty features such as ability to import your emails, events and contacts from other email apps, full security with SSL/TSL communication.


  • Easily handle multiple accounts.
  • Ability to import data from other apps.
  • An RSS widget for full Skype integration.
  • Simple and user friendly interface.


  • Free version only lets you to add Three email accounts.

3. Zimbra

          If you’re struggling to keep up with your emails then Zimbra is another handy option. What makes it standout from eM Client is its tab interface which makes it easier to jump to the required features it offers. Besides email accounts, Zimbra also allows you to keep a tab on your social media accounts including Facebook and Twitter. The interface may look outdated compared to today’s standards, but the application does a great job of managing your inbox and works great with services like Gmail, Yahoo and Microsoft exchange out of the box.


  • Works offline and online
  • Allows you to read email from POP or IMAP accounts including AOL and Outlook
  • Supports up to 20 different languages
  • Tabbed interface makes it easier to navigate
  • Unlimited email accounts support
  • Facebook and Twitter support


  • The GUI looks a bit outdated compared to today’s standards
  • The interface feels cluttered at times

4. Outlook

Outlook Logo

For the 420 million users of, Microsoft's built-in application has always been the best option. Built by Microsoft for Exchange and Outlook accounts, the program offers extensive enterprise-level options and syncs Calendars, Contacts and Notes seamlessly between Windows devices. The Windows 7 version of Outlook is starting to look slightly outdated – despite being used in almost every work place around the world – when compared to the slick Windows 8 app, but it still does a great job and is the best client for those who rely on Microsoft's email option.

5. Inky


Inky aims to outpace the competition by offering an elegant interface. Two-column system offering easy access to all of your accounts as well as other utilities, such as the Calendar. Getting started with it is dead simple and if your email provider is Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook, Inky will automatically recognize and setup necessary configuration settings for you. Besides, it also delivers practical innovations to make your emails more usable. Inky connects your account to a cloud location letting you sync the same settings to every desktop and the upcoming mobile Inky apps.


  • Windows and Mac OS X support
  • Beautiful yet simple interface
  • Cloud account to automatically sync settings
  • Advanced filtering and sorting features
  • Best for people with multiple email accounts.


  • Interface feels quite confusing at times due to lack of navigation labels
  • No offline support

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