Best 6 Easy Tricks to make Your iPhone run faster

Best 6 Easy Tricks to make Your iPhone run faster.

We use our phones for nearly everything, which is way the slightest bug or glitch can feel unbearable.

If your iPhone feels like it’s running a bit slow, there’s usually a problem that can be easily solved.

A slow running iPhone can be infuriating. Crashing apps, never-ending buffering, snail-paced web page loading… the list is endless, and causes constant interference with your daily usage.

Your phone is among the most important tools you use every day, so why not make sure it’s in tip-top shape? Below the list of simple tricks you can use to get your device running like the day it was porn. Best of all, each step will take you less than 30 seconds.

Step 1: Get rid of the crap

            You love to remember over 3 – 4 year old conversations with college acquaintances and the 40 – 50 identical photos. But they’re taking up an unnecessary amount of space, and you can back them up on your computer.

Deleting unnecessary files is another great way to speed up your phone. If you've got hundreds of photos on your iPhone, try syncing them to iPhoto on your desktop or backing them up through iCloud and erasing them from your phone.

Step 2: Get rid of the

Next, I start with your texts. You can set messages to delete all messages more than 60 days (2 Months) old, which gets those enormous  and forgotten photo threads of your phone without having to think about it. Go to “Settings, then Messages, and opt to keep messages for just 60 days. Today's smartphones have come a long way since then, but deleting your old text message threads is still important to keep your phone as speedy as possible.

Step 3: Delete apps that take up lot of space

            Now that you know just how much space those apps take up, it’s time to clear some of them.  You can do this from home screen – by holding down an app until it wiggles, then pressing “X” icon in the upper left corner.

Step 4: Empty Browser Catch

            Safari caches data to speed up page load times, but too much data can also slow down your phone overall. Treat your iPhone like you would a computer. This means you need to empty your safari’s browser cache to keep it running smoothly. To do this, tap on Settings > Safari > Clear History. Then do the same but choose clear Cookies and Data.

Step 5: Update Your Software

            Yes. Sometimes upgrading to a big, new IOS on an older iPhone can actually slow your device. But if you’re already running IOS 7, make sure you have the latest version installed. New releases often bring tiny speed and performance bumps. You can make sure you’re up to date by tapping Settings > General > Software Update.

Step 6: Turn off auto app update and Automatic downloads

            If your iPhone is running little slow, that’s because it may be trying to update apps in the background. Try updating your app manually instead. To change this settings, head over to Settings > iTunes & App Store.  Then switch slide to off mode where it says update.

            Similar to automatic updates, automatic downloads can also bog down your iPhone. If you have automatic app update turned on, an app that you’ve downloaded on your iPhone could automatically being installing on your iPhone. While useful, it can certainly make your iPhone little slower. To turn it off, navigate to Settings > iTunes & App  Sore.  Switch the slide to off mode.

Manikandan is Founder and author of codenread. Tech Blogger by Passion | Computer Science Engineer by Qualification